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Beer and Liquor

Buying libations in Caborca

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 Caborca Libations РBeer and Liquor

Fortunately, cold beverages are readily available to help cope with Caborca’s desert heat!

Cold beer is plentiful and can be purchased at “expendios,” small stores that sell beer and snacks. You have the option to order your brew “con hielo” (yielow), which means “with ice.” You’ll get a bag full of beer with ice to keep it cold.

Expendios only sell certain brands of beer. The most common is a Tecate expendio, which sells Tecate, XX, Coors Light and some other brands. Other expendios sell Modelo, Pacifico, Bud Light, etc.

If you’re looking for liquor, it’s sold at one of the “vinos y licores” stores listed below. You can also buy beer and liquor at grocery stores. Be careful not to drink too much, and especially don’t drink and drive. Mexican insurance policies won’t pay for any accidents where the insured driver had been drinking alcohol.

Depositos and Expendios

Cervezas Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma
Lamberto Hernandez 14
(637) 372-0948

Cervezas Modelo en Sonora
Avenida Quiroz y Mora North 129
(637) 372-6455

Wines and Liquors

Almacen de Licores de Nogales
Avenida Q
(637) 372-7111

Vinos y Licores Tony’s (Delivery available)
6 de Abril South #46
(637) 372-1126

Licores y Vinos del Desierto
Obregon #501 and Avenida Sonora
(637) 372-3438

Vinos y Licores Fran-Man
Calle 10 #18, on the corner with Adalberto Sotelo
(637) 372-6055

Vinos y Licores La Central
Obregon East #107
(637) 372-0088