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In Spanish, it is the Casa de Artesanías. In the language of the O’odham, it is Ki Jachu Natohi. In English, the House of Crafts.

Originally begun in 2004 as a concept to sell native crafts at fairs and other tourist events, this unique shop opened last year in a retail space in the Soriana Express shopping center (previously the PH supermarket), between 7th and 8th streets downtown (find it on the map).

The Casa de Artesanías exhibits and sells art and crafts made by 20 artisans from local ethnic groups, including the Tohono O’odham, Comcac and Mayo, and migrant ethnic groups such as the Wirarika, Huichol and Triqui. It prides itself as being representative of the rich cultural mosaic interwoven into the municipality of Caborca, and its artists’ works have been exported to locations such as Columbia, Peru, the United States, Italy, France, China, Alaska and several states in the Republic of Mexico.

The shop’s handcrafted goods include stone-etched replicas of the rock-art petroglyphs that are abundant in the area; leather keychains, bracelets and necklaces; replicas of stone arrowheads used by the Clovis people in the area more than 12,000 years ago; pottery, clothing and fabrics; and jewelry boxes, picture frames and other items made from wood. It does not sell items made from ironwood, however, because the tree is a protected species, and the store wants to be a destination that takes responsibility to ensure that none of its products are made with endangered plants or animals.

The store also sells souvenirs from your visit to Caborca, such as coffee cups, pens, lighters and other items commonly found in tourist gift shops, most of them featuring a common symbol of Caborca – the iconic image of the mission church of Pueblo Viejo.

In addition to its wide variety of interesting products, the House of Crafts also has a tourist information module that features bilingual brochures, maps, magazines, books and information about products that are made in Caborca. And the staff can also provide information about opportunities for tours around the town and the general vicinity.

The Casa de Artesanías is also engaged in community outreach, as it hosts school visits that give local students a chance to meet artisans and learn how they make their works of art.

Learn more about the House of Crafts by visiting their Facebook page

Source: Israel Nava, Caborca Casa de Artesanías