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Chicken and Chicken Wings in Caborca

Caborca has some great options for chicken and wings, from the street eateries that sell Sinaloa-style grilled chicken to Chiltepino’s Wings, a restaurant and sports bar.

Chicken and Wings in Caborca


In addition to its famous carne asada, Caborca has some pretty good chicken, too. Around town there are a number of eateries that specialize in grilled chicken – Pollo Feliz (the happy chicken) and Pollo Sinaloa are the most common.

Sinaloan-style chicken is splayed open and grilled with seasonings, then chopped into individual sized pieces. It’s a very healthy, and tasty meal, and less less expensive if you buy two – you’ll see the signs outside the chicken places advertising “2 x 135,” or something similar, to indicate how many chickens for how many pesos.

And in addition to the grilled chicken, the price includes corn tortillas, red onions and salsa. You can also buy some inexpensive sides (refried beans or macaroni salad) to make it an inexpensive and healthy meal.

And the newest chicken place in Caborca is the Sonoran chain of Chiltepino’s Wings, an upscale wing joint and sports bar with a comfortable ambiance.


Chiltepino’s Wings
Restaurant and Sports Bar
Avenida Quiroz y Mora # 110, on the corner of Calle 11
(637) 372-3880

Pollo Feliz
Jose Clemente Vanegas 42
(637) 372-2727

Pollo Sinaloa
“Sinaloa-style grilled chicken, found at various locations around Caborca

Super Pollo
Calle Obregon # 183
(637) 372-9630