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Traffic tips for driving in Caborca

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 Traffic Tips for Driving in Caborca


One thing to remember, there are bad drivers everywhere, and Caborca is no exception. Many of the drivers here have never had formal driver training (and don’t have a driver’s license), so be prepared to see vehicles coming from any direction and possibly maneuvering in unorthodox ways.

Don’t be nervous though, driving here is generally safe – I’ve been driving on for years without any incidents. Drivers are generally courteous and alert to traffic situations, although they can appear to be a bit impatient. Just keep in mind that things are a bit different here, less structured than traffic north of the border.

Also, if you’re not up for driving around town, there are other options for getting around. There are three key things to remember when driving in Caborca:

Be alert, Be patient, and Be courteous.

For example, it’s not unusual to see two friends having a conversation – while stopped in the middle of the street blocking traffic from both directions. Also, drivers will sometimes merge into traffic from a parking place without negotiating ongoing traffic, as though they have the right of way. And, many drivers approaching an intersection from a cross-street won’t stop until the last minute, making it appear that they’re going to enter the street and collide with your vehicle, but don’t get nervous and cause an accident.

Just stay alert, and soon you’ll get used to the traffic flow. Many of the vehicles on the road in Caborca are on their last legs, still running only because of the mechanical ingenuity of their owners. Because of this, you’ll sometimes encounter a vehicle moving slowly. In this and similar situations, be patient and courteous, and be alert to other cars that want to pass.

One-Way Streets

In 2008 the city government changed many of the city streets to one-way streets, to establish a route of circulation around the downtown area. So before turning on to a street, look around – if you see an arrow posted on a sign (or building) near the intersection (or the other outward signs of a one-way street, like the cars all parked facing the same direction), negotiate the street accordingly.


You may notice stoplights at many intersections, especially in the centro (downtown) area. Sometimes they are functional, sometimes they are not. Be especially careful at these intersections. And if an intersection has a stoplight and a stop sign, if the stoplight is functioning, obey the stoplight – in other words, if the light is green, you don’t need to stop for the stop sign.

Four-way stops

Many drivers don’t know the rules to who should proceed in an intersection with a four-way stop. And, even if they do know the rules, it seems like there are other informal rules for crossing; I’ve observed that the biggest pick-up truck generally gets to go first, and friendly drivers often yield their turn as a friendly gesture. Because of this, you have to be alert when negotiating the intersection.

Basically, don’t be too aggressive (be alert when crossing the intersection) but on the other hand don’t be too timid, either. Oftentimes if another driver senses that you are hesitant, he will take the initiative and cross first.

Topes (speed bumps)

Pronounced tow-pays, oftentimes these speed bumps aren’t marked well, so be alert – some topes are very large, and if not painted they tend to blend in with the colors of the street and are difficult to see.


If you do get into an accident, don’t leave the scene – a traffic policeman will soon arrive to handle the incident. Have your driver’s license and Mexico insurance information ready.

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