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The latest Caborca tourist information

Modern and Ancient Ritual Spaces Near Caborca

Español Earlier this week thousands of people drove, walked and rode horses from Caborca to a site five miles west of the city, the location of a hillside shrine to the Virgin of Gualalupe, the patron saint of Mexico. December 12...

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Flavors of the Desert Festival III

Español Continuing Caborca's culinary tradition during the festival of 6 de Abril, the Municipal President of Caborca Ing. Francisco Jiménez Rodríguez inaugurated the "Flavors of the Desert Festival III " along with city officials and councilors of the municipal...

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Asparagus Festival – Festival Espárrago 2015

On March 22, starting at 10:00 a.m., Caborca will celebrate its second annual Festival of Asparagus and Olives, two locally grown products that are very important to the economy of the area. The festival will be held in front of Caborca's historic mission church, in...

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