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Unidad Deportiva

Caborca's municipal sports complexes

Caborca’s Unidad Deportiva Sports Complexes

Caborca’s Unidad Deportivas – Public Sports Complexes

One of the more visible accomplishments of the Caborca municipal government has been the creation and improvement of public recreation areas. Two examples of this are the “unidad deportivas” (sports complexes) which are public parks that feature exercise activities.

The Unidad Deportiva Luis Encinas Johnson is located next to the municipal gymnasium on Avenida seis de abril, the street that leads to Pueblo Viejo. The park has walking paths and outdoor exercise equipment, from stationary step-up apparatuses to gymnasium-type equipment.

But the favorite area for the youth of Caborca is the skate park at Unidad Deportiva Luis Encinas, which provides a place to exercise with skateboards or skates.

And perhaps the most popular outdoor exercise venue in Caborca is the Unidad Deportiva Eduardo Gómez, an expansive sports complex located between avenidas P and R and calles 14 and 16.

From early every morning until the late evening, the park’s newly paved walking path is well used by Caborcans taking their morning or evening walk.

In addition, the park has a running track that is used by local student athletes, two exercise kiosks that each feature an array of outdoor gymnasium-type exercise equipment, and a children’s park with playground equipment donated by the Rotary International.

The Unidad Deportiva Eduardo Gómez is just a couple of blocks from the carretera internacional (Mexico highway 2), so if you’re passing through Caborca (or staying at one of the nearby hotels) and want to stretch your feet and get some exercise, it’s a great place to visit.

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