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Regional sites of interest
trincheras sonora

The Temple of San Rafael in Trincheras, Sonora

Regional Sites of Interest Near Caborca


Caborca is located within driving distance of several regional destinations that offer visitors experiences from fun in the sun to lessons in the history and culture of the region and the people who live here.



Just a few miles to the east of Caborca, Pitiquito (pronounced pee-tee-kee-toe) has a leather factory that produces a variety of fine leather goods, and a charming mission church as well.

Rocky Point

Known to the locals as Puerto Peñasco, this beachside resort community is a short 108-mile drive from Caborca. A popular tourist destination, Rocky Point offers a variety of sights, activities and accommodations

Magdalena de Kino

This charming pueblo is a good place to visit just to relax while you are strolling around, seeing the sights and shopping. Magdalena is the location of the final resting place of Father Eusebio Francisco Kino’s remains (which are on display), the hometown of assassinated Mexican presidential candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio and a very interesting place to visit.

Kino Missions Route

By taking the highways to follow the “Ruta de las Misiones,” you can visit other Kino missions in the Northern Sonora region, from Magdalena to the pueblos of Tubutama, Atil, Oquitoa and Altar.


The centerpiece of this pueblo of 6,000 is a terraced hill (also known as the pyramid of Sonora) made by indigenous peoples thousands of years ago. It was also home to Sonora native Joaquin Murrieta, known as the “Mexican Robin Hood” of the 1850’s California gold rush era.

Beaches along the Sea of Cortez

Caborca’s geographical coverage stretches to the Sea of Cortez (also known as the Gulf of California), where there are more than 90 miles of coastline, encompassing five beaches. There are also small towns and fishing villages along the coast, among them El Desemboque and Puerto Lobos. USA, LLC